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The wedding rehearsal will start at 6 in the evening on May 11th at the location of our ceremony. We are guessing it will not take longer than an hour so we reserved a table shortly after the wedding rehearsal at Giovanni's Grotto for dinner. If you have any questions about the rehearsal, please call us or our maids of honor.

Marian & I are absolutely in love with the food, atmosphere, drinks and entertainment at the Big City Saloon. Over the years we have become so familiar with the owners there that they hlped our maids of honor reserve a special room just for us. There will be drinks, live entertainment and fun games to play that night! We can't wait!!!

Today we planned our couple shower with the help of our best friends (who we could not live without)! We thought it would be fun to have a BBQ Bash for our theme, instead of a formal one. Dress casually since we will spend most of our time outside grilling and playing games at the Donovan's residence. Invitations will be mailed out to you shortly so you can RSVP! We are both so excited and look forward to seeing you there!