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It remains to this day such a wonderful story...and really it is a single sentence that I still remember and will always be my memory of when we first met.

I met Matt at my best friend's wedding. He was the brother of the groom and there he was dancing with the flower girl, his niece, Vanessa. His smile and fun attitude made her smile from ear to ear and it seemed like everyone that was around Matt would walk away happier that they met him. I wanted to talk to him so bad and I noticed throughout the day an exchange of glances between us but I was so shy. Then Vanessa came up to me, the cutest little girl, holding a note, she handed it to me and then quickly ran away. 

"We should be dancing & smiling together! ~ Matt"

That's all it took and we have been together to this day. We are so much in love and can not wait to share our special day with all of our family and friends.

Our love of the beach and water makes our beach wedding no surprise to anyone. The ceremony is going to be very casual, we are hoping for everyone to wear a lot of white and take advantage of the California sun. It is only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the sandy aisle in my wedding dress to become Mrs. Matt Williams! This will be an event to remember and we can't wait to share it with all of you!

Our reception will be fun & fabulous! Please join us and celebrate our new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Williams! There will be dining, drinks, dancing, live entertainment, good times for all! Our wedding reception will immediately follow our ceremony. All of the information is being worked out and you should be receiving our little homemade invitations soon. 

Matt and I would like to thank all of our dearest family and friends for simply being here for us. You all have done so much and have made such a remarkable positive difference in our lives. We cherish the friendship and love you gave us, and continue to give to us. Thank you for visiting our wedding website and honeymoon registry. You all have blessed our lives and we can't wait to share our special day with you!